Memorial day weekend travel

So we are headed for a small jaunt across the state for some fun this weekend.   Of course we are under a time frame to get there.   But this is my family we are talking about.

Which means it’s not even 8:30 am yet and we are already running behind.   Of course I made the vital mistake of not packing last night,  which is something I never do.   My thinking it is just an overnight jaunt there isn’t much to pack.   Well that was true but in true Erin fashion I couldn’t find my shorts to wear today.   Of course HE found them.   I swear I married that man just to because he can find all the stuff I couldn’t.   Then it was to drag the children off the computer and xbox (at 6:30 in the morning *sigh*)

So only a mere 15 minutes late out the door we head out…. to the gas station.   Because we couldn’t stop on the way home last night that would be planning ahead and I am the only person in my house capable allowed to think more than 10 minutes on the future.

So we finally get on the road,  now about 35 minutes late.   We are driving down the highway and dear man that I love goes this is the right way,  RIGHT?!?  Um don’t you know?  So off to gps it because there are about 50 to many highways/interstates in the greater Cleveland/Akron area for me to have learned them yet.

No dear your heading to the other amusement park we like.   You know the one with the big mouse.  So next exit we get off and turn around and finally heading in the right direction.

So here we are finally on the road,  heading in the right direction,  and only an hour behind.  Looking at the bigger picture this is one of our quicker starts.   Let’s not even talk about the 3 hour fiasco that started our drive to that Mouse’s house last November.   My mother can never figure out why we are always running behind.   Of course she only had to get Dad up and going and he’s not to far off from her and me.   I have 3 of them to move and they all have other things to throw in at the last minute.