Sabrina is DONE

Well okay not completely as I have a single Crystal Treasure bead that I have to order  to be completely finished.  But otherwise she is done, washed, pressed.

And despite pre-washing my hand dyed waterlillies thread, I still had a bit of bleeding, but thankful it is not horribly noticeable.

So without further delay….



Finished cross stitch

Finished cross stitch

Update on Mirabilia Sabrina

I haven’t updated in a while because I have been busy moving across 3 states, job hunting/becoming self-employed, and I have not been reading or cross stitching as much as I like.  But I do have an update of progress on Sabrina.

She is moving along, but not as close to being done as I hoped to be by now.  I have also discovered in this project, and unsure why I had not thought of it before, that by highlighting the stitches I had already done, the project moves much faster and with less errors.  Now if I can just use the right colors…