Peek a boo

Father's Day CVNP 003 by deerhart23
Father’s Day CVNP 003, a photo by deerhart23 on Flickr.

Yes I see you, and the doe that ate some flowers/weeds in the front yard (finally the dog barked at SOMETHING in the yard. She only had to be 15 feet from the front door for it to happen), the raccoon in my feeder, and the squad of squirrels and chipmunks (who are living under my deck).

Welcome to suburbia…

I have a dog

A big dog.   He’s mostly basset with some dauchsand in him.   He’s a watchdog.

He likes to sit in our sunroom with all the sliding glass doors open.   This way he can smell and watch the birds eat the birdseed in the feeder.

He watches the chipmunks eat try to get into the feeder.

We watches the squirrels eat get into the feeder.

He lays on the bed,  while every window in the house is open,  including the two at bed height right next to him.   They overlook the sunroom and the back deck,  where,  you guessed it,  the birdfeeder is.   So my watchdog laid there while the freaking RACOON made a gourmet buffet bar out of my birdfeeder.   FOR OVER AN HOUR.

So the list of things the watch dog watches does not bark at:
Other dogs (95% of the time)
People who knock at the door

The list the watchdog barks at:
Jinxy,  the cat from next door
The doorbell
The husband

Fearsome I know…

The word is out.   If your bald and married to me my dog will bark at you.   Everyone Everything else is more than welcome to be watched,  by my watchdog