Archer, Zoe:
Devil’s Kiss
Demon’s Bride
Baker, Jeanette:
Bernard, Renée:
 Ecstasy Wears Emeralds
Boyle, Elizabeth:
Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress
Brighton, Lori
The Demon Hunter
Every Scandalous Secret
Chase, Allison:
 Recklessly Yours
Clenney, Anita:
Embrace the Highland Warrior
Dare, Tessa
A Week to be Wicked
Dreiling, Vicky:
How to Marry a Duke
How to Seduce a Scoundrel
How to Ravish a Rake
Fortin, Angeline:
A Laird for All Time
Galen, Shana:
A Rogue Pirate’s Bride
Hill, Susan:
The Woman in Black
Jeffries, Sabrina:
To Wed A Wild Lord
Kennedy. Kris:
Laurens, Stephanie:
 Viscount Breckinridge to the Rescue
 The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae
London, Julia
The Revenge of Lord Eberlin
Long, Julie Anne
How the Marquess Was Won
Mackay, Allie
Haunted Warrior
Mallory, Anne:
 In Total Surrender
Michaels, Kasey:
 A Midsummers Night’s Sin
Wildes, Emma:
The Face of the Maiden

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