Another new bird

Catbird by deerhart23
Catbird, a photo by deerhart23 on Flickr.

Picked up a few new bird sightings this week. Caught a Red Winged Blackbird at the house (been seeing them in CVNP since April but none near our house), caught some tree swallows at a park (again seen in April in CVNP), Great Blue Heron with geese and mallards Great Blue Heron in Canadian Geese Gaggle catbird (pictured above)out at CVNP today, and the youngest spotted a Northern Yellow-bellied Flicker this morning on the suet feeder.

2 thoughts on “Another new bird

  1. If you’re ignorant, you get new birds all the time. I scoured my Kaufmann’s for my latest find, narrowing the possibilities down to two birds that aren’t anywhere my side of the map, and finally some grownup starlings showed up and started feeding my new bird. Who knew they’d have different colored beaks and feet?

    • Erin Schmidt says:

      Not only that, but our adult starlings are missing the tale-tell white spots that I am so used to seeing.

      Interestingly, we have had a few birds in our backyard now that I know have been in CVNP since March, but not our few miles east. We know can add the Red Winged Black Bird and American Crow to our visitors.

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