Happy Birthday

12 years ago my first son was born.  It was the end of a very difficult pregnancy, highlighted by 13 weeks of being very ill (Pre-Eclampsia), 13 weeks of bedrest,  40+ pounds of water weight, anxiety, stress, and fear all wrapped up in a tiny bundle of baby.

He came into the world at a  tiny 5lbs 10oz and 19 inches long.  We couldn’t even hold him for much of the first 12 hours of his life because he couldn’t hold his body temp or blood sugar.  I was still bedridden (on Mag Sulfate) so couldn’t even get up to look at him in the nursery.  In comparison, my youngest, who ended up in the NICU immediately after his birth I could go visit and hold him as soon as I was transferred to a room.

I was very young 12 years ago and completely unprepared for what our little one had in store for us.  From multiple medical evaluations to years of therapy, more worry, dread, and trying not to second guess every decision we made for him.

Today, he’s just a few inches shorter than me.  His voice is dropping and while he’s still a skinny guy he’s starting to fill out and getting closer (if not yet passed) that 100lb mark.  He’s an honor roll student and just a nice kid.  12 years ago and 9 years ago it was hard to imagine ever getting to the kid we see today.  He’s put us through the wringer, but it’s been well worth it.  And while we have been through much in the first 12 years (MERLD, CAPD, ADHD, IEP’s, therapies, etc) we have a lot more changes coming up (driving, dating, college ugh!!) and I’m thrilled to get to continue to watch him defy the projections people gave us all those years ago.

Happy Birthday Alex!

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