Sunday with the men in my life

or almost all of them, since the hubby had to work.  So the boys and I headed back over to Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  This time, we hit Beaver March and then over to Blue Hen Falls.

Beaver Marsh is in the southern portion of the park, near Hale Farm.  It’s name originates from the Beavers, whom in the 1980’s, dammed up part of the area to create the marsh

The east side of the Marsh is covered in lily pads and grass.  It will look gorgeous later in summer and with the fall colors.

The western side has less vegetation, but at this time of year was teaming with wildlife.  From Canadian Geese, to turtles, an American Coot, and lots of song birds flying around in the sky.  The one animal suspiciously missing was the Beaver, much to my youngest son’s disappointment.  Seems we came to early in the day for them.

But we did get to see some beautiful animals like

Canadian Goose on top of Lock 26

Tree Swallow

We also picked up a reptile that if we have identified it correctly is not only endangered, but not usually found in Northeastern Ohio.

Copperbelly Watersnake

We originally thought it might be a Rat snake, but further research on the internet leads us to believe this is a Copperbelly Watersnake.  This snake is endangered and protected by law.  Curiously, it is almost only found in Western Ohio (and states west of Ohio), concentrated almost singularly in a single county.  Being as we are in Northeastern Ohio, if this truly is a Copperbelly, it is a rare find.

We almost missed this guy as he was pointed out by another visitor.  We did miss the Kingfisher in the tree near him but caught in stead this bright and vibrant little guy.

Male Cardinal

Sadly, he wouldn’t hold still to get the perfect shot, but he is in full brilliant color this spring and sets off nicely against the green backdrop.

All in all, our trip to Beaver Marsh resulted in numerous Geese, an American Coot (not pictured though I have them), lots of birds, a snake, and 12 turtles (also not depicted).  The lack of beavers was missed but the abundance of other animals made up for it.

One thought on “Sunday with the men in my life

  1. […] the National Park service that the snake we saw in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (see my post Sunday with the men in my life ) is not a Copperbelly Water snake like we thought.  Instead it is a Northern Water Snake.  The […]

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