Blue Hen Falls

The second part of our trip was to Blue Hen Falls. As I posted before I love waterfalls and we know live within about 7-10 different falls.
We made the mistake of thinking we had to hike to the falls, not realizing that parking was available right near them. So we headed out on the Buckeye Trail. We soon realized that we were in for a true hike.    We started down at the bottom of that hill and wound ourselves around.  We were all pretty tired by the time we got to the parking for Blue Hen Falls.

Looking down from the Buckeye Trail

And then to the falls.  Like Brandywine, you see lots of shale.  Though this fall is much shorter and carries much less water.

Blue Hen Falls

But leave it to my kids to find a way down to the actual falls themselves.


Blue Hen Falls

Of course, I am still sore today from walking the Buckeye Trail, but the time out with the kids was well worth it.



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