Review: A Week to Be Wicked

A Week to Be Wicked
A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Week to Be Wicked is the 2nd novel of her Spinster’s cover series. The story revolves around Geology minded Minerva and Colin, Victor’s (from A Night to Surrender) ne’er-do-well cousin.

We first met Minerva in A Night to Surrender. She is the middle child and the bane of her mother. To understand Minerva you must understand her position in the family. She is the intelligent one, focused more on knowledge then appearance. She also hides many of her talents in order not to overshadow her older sister, whom her mother feels their future security relies on catching a good husband. But she does so because deep down she wants her sister to be the star and because Minerva, like many bookish types, suffers from some social anxiety. It is easier for her to unnoticed then deal with the personal stress of someone, especially someone like Colin, turning their attention onto her. The one place she lets herself shine is in her geology. In that field, she is determined and unwilling to allow anything to stop her from achieving her geological dreams.

Colin was also first introduced in A Night to Surrender. At that time Victor left him stranded in Spinster’s Cove, without access to any funds. Victor is hoping that spending time there will mature Colin and bring him out of his self deprecating behavior. But the source of Colin’s behavior is the great tragedy he suffered in his childhood. Like Minerva trying to hide from social stress, Colin’s lackadaisical behavior and refusal to engage in close relationships is his way of not having to face any strong emotion. While he does not get to love or be happy, he also does not have to deal with loss again. Colin is a touching hero who’s childhood nightmares make you want to help him heal.

It has been a long time since I have laughed so heartily throughout a book. Minerva and Colin’s banter is wickedly funny and includes everything from names in the bible to dirty mathematical terms. The geek in me was thrilled to have a heroine whom most recognized as highly intelligent and a hero who worked hard to hide his. Like Minerva, I found Colin’s hidden intelligence to be a bright plus which mixed with his humor and charm makes him irresistible.

Even better, Ms. Dare was able to keep up the touching humor throughout the course of the book. As Minerva and Colin heal each other, they began to place the needs of the other above themselves. They are both willing to set aside the things they want the most in order to give the other what they want. It is this true support that finally heals Colin’s wounds and cements their happily ever after.

This book and really this series is one not to miss. The diversity and depths of the characters is excellent and they feel so real. You can easily imagine yourself living among them in your day job.

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