Review: If You Give A Girl A Viscount

If You Give A Girl A Viscount
If You Give A Girl A Viscount by Kieran Kramer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The final of 4 books in the series, I have enjoyed Ms. Kramer’s wit throughout the entire series, including the play on movies in the titles. I wish we could give half stars because while this book isn’t a 4 star, it’s not a 3 either. The final book is Charlie’s story, the last Impossible Bachelor, and is a Scottish Cinderella story. He undertakes a visit to Scotland, penniless on a bet from his married friends, to help his grandmother’s goddaughter.

Charlie is defined by his money. He uses his wealth to hide behind because he cannot get past his distrust of others, especially women, only wanting his money. Hence his fear of marriage and the marriage mart. But deep down, Charlie is a sweet caring guy. He is not a strong alpha male, always bossing others around, that one typically finds in romance novels. Instead, he easily listens to others, incorporates their ideas and makes them work. He is much closer to a modern day businessman.

Daisy is the Cinderella to Charlie’s Prince Charming (or in this case The Golden Girl to his Golden Prince). She is complete with 2 wicked stepsisters and a wicked stepmother who constantly boss her around. She is forthright and knows exactly what she wants, but also very vulnerable. Daisy’s heart is enormous and she is extends that heart to even those who don’t deserve it. Daisy carries a lot of guilt, which takes the entire book and the twists and turns of the story for her to lose.

Nothing you know at the start of the book will be the same by the end. While the overarching theme is a Cinderella story, it is much more universal to all the characters and not limited to just Daisy. They all have to undergo a transformation, each helping the other to achieve it. The book did bog down in the middle because there are only so many times that stepmothers and stepsisters can be wicked before you want either Daisy or Charlie to say enough and be done with them. Also the one major twist in the book was not a shock to me. There were plenty of clues dropped along the way that I was surprised Charlie had not figured it out sooner. But that in of itself made Charlie’s reaction to the twist much more realistic and in character. Mostly, I just wanted the book to hurry up and get to the happily ever after. Also, I disliked that much of Charlie’s and Daisy’s romance was conducted off page.

The final pages of the story and the epilogue are incredible touching and one should keep tissues nearby.

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