Victorian Shoe cross stitch

I set aside my big cross stitch project because I needed to actually finish a cross stitch immediately.  So I took up the second of four old fashioned shoes patterns.  These shoes are being done in the new DMC light effect threads.  I find them a bit difficult to work with, so the stitching is slowed down some.  These threads tend to tangle, break easy, and fray, but the look of them is amazing.  I just love how the finished project sparkles.

This pattern was a free pattern offered by DMC on their website sometime last year or so.  It uses only the light effect threads, unlike the blue shoe I did which had both regular and light effect threads.  Both are small pieces (50×50 stitches)

So here is my work after my first stitching session

Cross Stitch

Even though this picture came out dark, you can already see the shine off the thread.  You can see how I build a piece using a jigsaw/puzzle method instead of counting.  What I call a jigsaw/puzzle method is comparing the stitches I am working to what has already been done, how many before or after etc.  In this piece I started with pink in the heel, then built the copper of the sole all the way around.  I then added in the first 2 lines of pink in the main part of the shoe and then put in the rose/purple accents.  I then filled in the pink for the shoe, filling in the blanks between the purples

And here is after my second stitching session yesterday afternoon.

cross stitch

Now you can see the shoe start to take shape and how the colors contrast nicely together.  I continued the jigsaw method here by filling in more of the pink and then adding in the gold and the dark pink accents in the upper part of the shoe.

And I stopped last night (3rd stitching session) with 46 stitches and backstitching to go.

Cross stitch

It’s almost there but you can see that it starts to blend together a bit.  As before I continued filling in the pink, extended the gold up through the top of the shoe and then added the line of purple along the top and the buckle work.  So this morning I finished the 46 stitches.

Cross Stitch

So here is the show without the backstitching.  I didn’t count out the last 46 stitches, all jigsaw method of just filling in the stitches in comparison to what has already been done.  As you can see, the small details, like the buckle strap and the inside of the shoe are not accentuated and are difficult to see.

And the finished piece

Cross Stitch

Gorgeous and I want a real pair!  Now to cut down the fabric, mount the picture, and add it to my frame.

One thought on “Victorian Shoe cross stitch

  1. That’s stunning! I want a pair just like it! 🙂

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