Review: Recklessly Yours

Recklessly Yours
Recklessly Yours by Allison Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this series and this book was no exception. Well written, fast paced and both Colin and Holly were believable characters who’s feelings and actions were realistic and endearing.

In her finale, we find the Sutherland sisters racing to Ascot in search of a missing horse. The Queen’s request puts Holly face to face with Colin, one of Simon’s friends, whom she previously found herself attracted to and confused by his off putting demeanor, holding her at arms length while being friendly with her sisters.

The story starts out quickly and sparks fly between Colin and Holly. He suspects she may be searching for the missing Colt, and she wishes to confide in him. But before she can, Colin races away, leaving Holly to catch up with him. As if the blight in Devon wasn’t enough, toss in the colt being stolen from Colin and Holly, Holly almost drowning, and the final pieces of the girls history falls into place as the couple rush towards their happily ever after.

I found Colin’s backstory very intriguing and thought Ms. Chase did an excellent job of teasing out his family and how devastating his father’s behaviors are to them. The symbolism with the curse and how it plagued Devon only to suddenly see it broken and thrive and Colin’s family overcoming his father to begin to thrive blended perfectly, bring an optimism to the story that never felt contrived.

While there is not another book in this series, the epilogue leaves the reader with some sense of completion that Willow is on her way to a happily ever after. While I would love to see a full novel with her story, I would be just as happy with a novella seeing what trouble her and Bryce can find their way into

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