The Woman in Black – Movie *spoilers inside*

Went and saw The Woman in Black movie tonight.  While the story veers from the book in many places, I found the movie portray the gothic suspense better than the book.  Eel Marsh house as a setting was extremely creepy and foreboding both inside and out.  The film did an excellent job of keeping the suspense going by not overdoing things jumping out at you.

The creepiest part of the film though was the way they portrayed the children dying.  In fact, the horror of what is going on with this town starts right from the opening scene of the Inn’s triplet girls playing in the attic.  Then blank looks take over their faces, they tromp over their china dolls, breaking them, open the windows and jump out of them.  It really sets the tone for the rest of the film.

I did not prefer the end of this film.  I actually thought that the ending of the novel, as well as how the premesis of the novel with the main character telling the story years later), conformed more with the gothic horror theme than the film.    The film showed the woman in black collecting the children’s souls (ghosts) as the aim of taking their lives.  At the end of the film, both Arthur and his son are killed by a train and reunited with his wife (who in the film dies in childbirth), thus not allowing the woman to collect his son’s soul.

I am not one for horror movies, but I am a sucker for a good ghost story, along the lines of the 1944 film The Uninvited, The Lady in White (I remember watching the 1988 film as a youngster), and even Poltergeist.  The Woman in Black is worthy of being put in the same category as The Uninvited.  If you are a fan of gothic movies or good ghost stories, this is a must see!

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