Review: Every Scandalous Secret

Every Scandalous Secret
Every Scandalous Secret by Gayle Callen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had but this book off because the 2nd book in the series fell short and I lost some interest in finding out how it all ended. This is the third and last book in a series about 3 women (2 sisters and a cousin) who sneak into a men’s club to remove a painting of one of them nude. The three women are caught by 3 men and a wager is made between them whether or not the men can figure out whom the model within a month.

In the end, I was glad I finally picked up the book. I enjoyed Leo and Susanna and watching how they worked out their relationship. In typical fashion, Susanna felt the need to change Leo and could only feel he truly loved her if he embraced the change. But, before those lines are even drawn Leo was already changing. But due to Susanna’s insecurities and doubts, she had to push him along. I did feel that the added plot line revealing a secret in Leo’s life was unneccessary to the story and one could have explained his character in a less clichéd manner (or perhaps I have just had this same story line a few to many times in books I have recently read). It came off as more filler and that the author got almost to the end of the book and said well how to I get to the end. I would have preferred she spent more time on finalizing the wager (which is basically glossed over at the end) and bringing the 3 couples back together for a love filled show down, then pursuing this plot line.

As for the wager, well neither side really won. The painting was purchased by the man who loved the model and he did find his proof!

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