Making oneself go blind

It is possible?  How you ask: poor lighting and very very tiny holes!

When I am not reading, one of my other past times is counted cross stitching.  It is about the only creative type thing I do successfully (I really doubt I have a creative bone in my body).  Cross stitching is straightforward, linear and rational.  It makes a lot of sense to my mind and I can easily see the patterns, enough to  pick up a project years later, and easily find where I left off and automatically correcting all my past mistakes.

And I don’t do many small cross stitching projects.  I tackle large projects that take months or years to complete.  Average stitch count can easily push 50,000-60,000+.  I finally moved off aida cloth about 7 years ago and now work primarily on some form of linen or other specialty cloth.  I have also begun to use more specialty threads, silks, linens, color effects, and beading in my projects.  This really increases the price of the projects, but the overall results are magnificent. Right now I am on a fairy and Victorian kick.  The last two projects I completed were

The first is a Mirabilia pattern, The Fairy Moon.  The second The Queen of Fairies by Passione Ricamo.  I adore both pattern makers and its sad that I know I will never ever be able to make all the ones I wish to.  The are both done on 28 to 32 count cloth.  I ended up hand dying The Queen of Fairies cloth because I could not find the color I wanted.  Sadly, I think it needed a shade or two lighter pink to really make the picture come alive.  The Fairy Moon includes linen dmc thread and lots of mill hill bead work.  I chose to use Rainbow Gallery Silk Splendor for the skin tones of The Queen of Fairies.

Which leads me to my current project, another Mirabilia Pattern Sabrina.

I’ve just started her and she’s moving along nicely.  She is on 28 count linen cloth.  I am again using the silk thread for her skin and am also working with Cannon Collection Waterlillies silk thread for the first time.  It is good thing this pattern is moving along because I just checked the Mirabilia website and the released a new pattern, Elizabeth, which I am going to have to buy.  The only question is will I do her next after Sabrina, or one of the other two patterns I have, or finish one I have started years ago and just never got done.

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