Define addiction, Legacy Book Review

ADDICTION: continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it (

Of course this is what books have always been for me.  Why else would I still be up until 2:30am, engrossed in a book and unable to put it down?  Thankfully, not all books do this to me, but when a story grips me, it’s impossible for my mind to let go and relax without seeing the ending.

Hence Legacy by Jeanette Baker. Along the lines of The Face of the Maiden, this is another ghostly tale (albeit set in the early 1990’s) where the story appears through dreams/visions to the heroine. The book tells the story of 4 women, related by ancestry, a curse, and the Famed Destiny Stone of Scotland. Essentially, it seems like the same set of lovers repeating their tragic lives over and over until they get it right. While I found the first tale to drag on, it was understandable as the focus was also on the present day hero/heroine. The book was very well written and did not give away some of the twists immediately when they appeared (though many will figure them out before they are completely revealed).

In comparison to the previous night’s book, I felt this novel was a better rendition of a way to bring a romantic ghost story to life. I was completely engrossed and couldn’t devour the page fast enough. Of course I created my own atmosphere with a thunderstorm outside and rain/lightning program on my lightning bug.

Even better, this was a book I picked up for free for my kindle. It’s nice to take a no lose chance on a book and get rewarded with a home run!

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