Never read a ghost story when spending the night in a strange place, The Face of the Maiden book review

As it just keeps you up way to late.  But alas, it was time to finish reading The Face of the Maiden by Emma Wildes.  It is a more classic gothic romance, complete with ghostly attacks, long-lost lovers, and of course, with all romances, a present day (regency era) hero/heroine.

I loved the ghost story and the way the author moved through this story line.  It made me look forward to each new chapter and further development of the ghostly adventure.

As for the hero/heroine, I found their story  less developed and the focus more on the secondary characters.  I didn’t feel this plot (jealous brother and an almost fiancée) added much to the story and seemed like filler.  I instead would have liked to seen the plot stay focused more on the ghostly encounters and the history of the family.  There was much more that could have been done to delve deeper into the more gothic/paranormal elements of the story, especially with a very rational extremely responsible hero and a young impressionable heroine.

All in all I enjoyed the story and it reminded me of why I have always liked reading this genre.

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